Jul. 22nd, 2011

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Part Six: The Treasure

Not much has gotten done on the house the last few days. Chris has been busy at work, resulting in tired at home. Sue is getting sick; we think it's a combination of heat and breathing in dust, some of which may very well have had unhealthiness in it. I've been exhausted, as previous posts have let on.

Yesterday, though, we all decided that the cable guy who is coming today would really appreciate it if we put the plastic down in the crawl space, so Chris and I went to the house last night to do that.

The first step involved getting into the crawl space and pulling out all the random junk that was in there. There was a lot of rotted wood, some wire, a huge piece of light-metal tubing (about 18 inches in diameter, but the metal was very thin), an elbow joint that went with it, a thick iron cuff from some other piping of some kind, an old pint paint can (with no paint in it), and an empty bottle of Century something whiskey. Some of that stuff might be useful for gardening.

There were also five old beer cans. Two of them were 40oz cans of Falstaff, which is a brand I've never heard of, and they both had old tear-drop-shaped pull-tab openings. Then there was a normal-sized can of Falstaff and two normal-sized cans of Schlitz, all of them clearly opened via can opener. I was like 'dude, these are old!' Sue looked it up for us from home, and said that they started putting pull-tabs on beer in the early 60s, so these cans might conceivably be as old as the house. (80 years). We're planning to clean them up and see if an antique store is interested in them.

Putting the plastic down went smoothly, and we even put up a little flap around the entranceway so that it would be covered but still accessible. I was very glad Chris was willing to get up into the crawl space, because while I don't mind closets or elevators, I have a problem with ceilings really close to my head, and crawling around in a 2'6" tall space (in some areas) is NOT a good thing for me.

Anyway, I'll post an update on the beer cans later, especially after I get a chance to take some pics of them.
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Part Seven: Paint Spatters

Sue is sick. She spent the whole day at home, dozing. Unfortunately, this means she hasn't gotten any packing done. Chris has psychological issues with moving, especially with packing, and has been in mild panic mode all week. Earlier in the week I made him go to a doctor and get a prescription for some anti-anxiety meds. Anyway, this basically means that I was on my own today.

After grabbing breakfast for Sue and myself, I went to the new house. The cable guy came today, and the fridge was being delivered, so I painted the kitchen and the bathroom. My arms are spattered with green and blue latex paint. It was tiring, but not overwhelmingly so, and it's the kind of job that gives you a sense of accomplishment, because your progress is visually obvious. I would consider this a good day, for me. (For Chris and Sue, obviously not so good a day.)

Lessons for the day: Grate Stuff cans aren't really intended for multiple uses. The Stuff sticks in the dispensing straw, and doesn't come out nicely, and when the dispensing straw is partly clogged, the Stuff comes out around the plastic adapter and starts pushing the straw off. Chris bought a new can, and we plan to use its straw with both cans, by doing a whole bunch of Stuffing all at once.

Also, you know your house is poorly insulated when the temperature at the ceiling is 10 degrees higher than the temperature at head height. I can't wait for the insulation machine to be available again...

Right now, I'm relaxing in front of the computer, and when I feel a little more rested I'll pack a few things, take a shower to get the latex off me, and give Sue a massage. Chris is going to bed early.


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