Mar. 20th, 2011

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Always an interesting question. I appreciate a good body as much as anyone else, especially a good female body, but what really turns me on is somebody's mind. One of my biggest celebrity crushes is Rachel Maddow, and while she's certainly not ugly, nobody would put her at the top of the physical attractiveness scale. But it doesn't matter. Her mind glitters, sharp-edged and flashing like a sword, and it gives her an inner glow that makes her smoking hot.

My current partners are not the height of physical attractiveness. They each have their physical bits that I enjoy, certainly - Chris's back (yes, I have a thing for a nice back), Sue's skin & hair - but what drew me to each of them was what was inside, not how they looked. I think, when people hear the old saw 'it's what inside that counts,' they take it with a healthy dose of skepticism. Everyone wants someone pretty or sexy or handsome or hot, and it's easy to assume everyone is shallow, since the general public appears so good at shallowness. But the old saw really is true, at least for me. It really is the inside that matters - the mind, the soul, the heart. The body becomes attractive when the spirit within it strikes the right sparks.


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