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A bunch of life-update-worthy things have happened recently, so it's time for an update.

1) I saw my gynecologist on the 13th, at last. She doesn't think my problems are endometriosis. "Not a classical presentation" were the words she used, which means maybe, but probably not. As of the 17th I'm off birth control for a month and then bloodwork either 3 days after my period starts, or after 6 weeks, whichever comes first. In the meantime, my GI symptoms have (at least temporarily) subsided, so I'm back to exercising in the mornings.

2) Our real estate company in Knoxville let us know our tenants will be moving out at the end of May, and our real estate agent said it's a good time to sell. She sent us listings for houses in our area and we think we should be able to get 55-60k for the house, leaving us with US$20-25k, net. Very sweet.

3) We went to the bank on Wednesday.
a) We opened tax-free savings accounts (that is, the interest isn't taxed) for both me and Chris, and Chris begins contributing to his in two weeks.
b) We did a lot of talking about what to do with the money from the sale of the Knoxville house. I think we're probably going to put it into an investment account with the hope of getting ~5% per year on it until we are ready to buy and build. There's still the possibility of doing that in the US, and using that money to pay for the taxes on my loan forgiveness in 2023/2028, or of bringing it over the border when the Canadian dollar is weak (extra value!) and putting it into our tax-free savings accounts.
c) We got a lot of information about mortgages in Canada:
i) You can't get a mortgage for just land, at least not through RBC.
ii) We can totally have Erin on the mortgage and that should make it possible to get approved for a fair bit. (Two of my technicians are working on buying right now, and I get the impression they've been approved for something in the 600ks.)
iii) Mortgages for building work differently than normal ones. You get approved for a certain amount and then they dole it out in chunks called 'draws.' These, presumably, come out when it comes time to pay the contractors for their work. 10% of each draw gets held aside in case you decide not to pay the contractors. You get all that back after 3 months, assuming the contractors haven't needed to draw on that 10%, to do what you like with.

4) Chris bought a bike recently, and he and I will be biking together on occasion as he builds his biking strength up and I start training in more earnest.


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