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Birthdate:Jan 15
Location:Ontario, Canada
Born in Chicago, grew up in New York. When I was 15 (yes, 15), I went to college at Mary Baldwin, in Staunton VA. Majored in Biology and Theater. Took a year off after graduation, worked in a couple theaters in NYC. Then enrolled in the graduate school of zoology at NC State University. In 2004, finished my Masters in Wildlife Science. Worked at Jordan Lake State Park, a research lab, a kennel, and two veterinary clinics before being accepted to the University of Tennessee's College of Veterinary Medicine. I graduated with my DVM on May 11th, 2013. I am now working in Ontario, Canada as a small animal and exotic veterinarian.

Personality: Look up the typical personality of a Capricorn, add 'creative,''emotionally deep,' and 'insatiably curious,' and that's pretty much me.

Physical Characteristics: Just under 6' tall, beefy (muscular *and* fat), short brown hair, usually blue eyes, rather butch. My weight has fluxuated somewhat in recent years; I lost a lot in vet school and then got a really terrible job that had me putting it all back on again. My goal is still to eventually get down to 180, and maintain between 180 and 190.

Touchy Subjects: Politically, I'm an independent liberal/progressive. Religiously, I'm a 'natural universalist,' my version of which boils down to 'the universe is totally awesome but if it has a personality or consciousness, it's not one we can understand or communicate with.' I follow a lot of pagan traditions, because their medieval-fantasy imagery and link to the natural cycles appeal to me. Socially, I'm a geeky kinky poly bisexual furry gamer girl.

Family: Father Paul (teacher/tech-faculty liason), Mother Ginny (writer, deceased March 2003), Sister Julie (shows apartments)

Significant Others:
Chris Gibbs, 6' tall, weighs less than me, the lucky bastard (he and I are losing weight together), short dark brown hair, blue eyes; does merchandising at a grocery store; we got married on 10/10/10. Erin, 5'something, medium mixed blond-brown hair, blue eyes.

Pets: Shenzi, a 10-year-old shepherd mix; Qebui, a 3 year-old domestic shorthair cat; Nephythys, a 3-year-old domestic longhair cat; and Newton, a 1 year old bearded dragon.

Current projects: Writing a comic book. I am on issue 28. Still need to find someone to *draw* it for me. Sadly, while I was a pretty good artist when I was 8, I never really got better. Just haven't had time/motivation to improve. Some day. Other projects include losing weight (progress as above), starting a movement to improve pet food labeling, and building a super-environmentally-friendly house and hobby farm (no progress).

Other networking: I am on Facebook (Diana Wray), OkCupid (Shavastak), and (ChainChimera).

"Mothers, tell your children: be quick, you must be strong. Life is full of wonder, love is never wrong. Remember how they taught you, how much of it was fear. Refuse to hand it down - the legacy stops here." - Melissa Etheridge

Interests (130):

aerospace, african plains, alton brown, ancient & medieval history, animal diversity, animals, animation, anime, anthropomorphics, archery, arthur conan doyle, astronomy, azumanga daioh, barry hughart, basshunter, blackadder, british comedy, candles & incense, cartography, cartoons, cheese, chinese food, comic book writing, computer games, cosmology, cowboy bebop, created worlds, creative writing, d&d, dirty jobs, discworld, disney, doctor who, dokapon kingdom, donald duck, douglas adams, dragon half, dragons, dubstep, dungeons and dragons, electronica, environmentalism, etymology, fantasy, fencing, final fantasy, full metal alchemist, game mastering, garfield, gay rights, gilbert & sullivan, good eats, goth, guild wars, harry potter, horseback riding, iron chef, iron chef america, ironclaw, jadeclaw, jogging, keith olbermann, keychains, liberalism, lord of the rings, lupin iii, manga, maps, monty python, most extreme elimination challenge, mp3s, multiverse, muppets, mutts, mxc, mythbusters, nudibranchs, oingo boingo, philosophy, pixar, plays, playstation, playwrights, politics, popcorn, puzzles, rachel maddow, read or die, reading, red dwarf, role-playing, sci-fi, science, science fiction, shakespeare, sherlock holmes, softball, space colonization, space exploration, spacecraft, spaceflight, spaceward ho!, star trek, star wars, stargazing, stuffed animals, swimming, swords, t.a.t.u., tabletop roleplaying, techno, teenage mutant ninja turtles, terry pratchett, theater, theatre, theatrical lighting, time warp, tmnt, trance control, trigun, usagi yojimbo, utkcvm, veterinary medicine, video games, weight lifting, wii, worldbuilding, writing, zoo, zoo medicine
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