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I have a roof over my head. I have sufficient monetary funds to pay all my bills, replace broken things, and occasionally buy a little extra stuff. I have clothes to cover me and keep me warm. I have a car to get me places, and it has a working heater.

I have a good dog and a good cat and three good rats. I have inexpensive or free animal food, and relatively inexpensive animal medicine.

I have a brilliant, creative, and literate mind and a reasonably healthy and strong body. My eyes work, my ears work, and my fingers work. I have goals, and I have accomplishments. My resume is solid and will only get better. I've already taken the NAVLE, and I'm fairly certain I passed it. My future is bright.

I have an incredible husband who loves me. I have amazing friends. I have wonderful teachers and classmates. I have a fantastic family.

I live in a country in which I am free to express my opinions, worship as I choose, read what I want, and browse any part of the internet that interests me.

I live on one of the most beautiful planets in the universe, and I share it with living things that never cease to amaze and fascinate me.

I live in a vast empty universe dotted with miracles of burning gas and coalesced carbon, the thorough contemplation of which never fails to leave me awestruck.

And I have bacon.
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