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Friday August 3rd was the last day of my Community Practice rotation. That rotation simulated real life situations well enough that I am really beginning to feel like I might be a vet soon. Ish. I saw healthy animals for vaccines, I saw sick animals that I diagnosed with problems, I saw sick animals that I failed to diagnose (more workup is needed), and I saw sick animals that ended up dying. The whole gamut, really.

I'm learning that my instincts are usually pretty good, that I'm definitely on the right track career-wise, and that I have avoided talking about money for way too long. I need to woman up and do it.

I'm also learning that big organizations do new things poorly. Today I start a brand new rotation, Small Animal Emergency. It's new not just for me, but for UT; it started (in its current form) on July 2nd, so it's barely a month old. And, it's not yet fully organized. For one thing, it has no clinician. My understanding is that UT has been planning to add this rotation for some time, but they only started interviewing for a criticalist in May, or maybe even June. Way to plan ahead, people! So this brand new rotation is currently being organized by the emergency tech. I'm sure she's qualified and knowledgeable, but we don't have an orientation and the email she sent out doesn't have quite enough information for me to do what I need to do. I also didn't know there would be no orientation until I showed up at 7:45 this morning and asked one of the interns.

At least there seems to be a schedule. I work 6 pm to 2 am Monday through Saturday of this week, and I cover through 3 am-ish Sunday morning. I'm okay with this.

Let's hope for a steady, reasonable caseload this week. I want to learn stuff!
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