Mar. 4th, 2012

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Interesting question for me, given that I recently (just about a year ago) legally changed my name. I deliberately chose every part of my new name, which was a mixture of old and new. My first name is new, something I created for myself because my old first name never fit me. I kept my original middle name for several reasons - in honor of my parents, who chose it, and in honor of my French godmother, whom I love and miss very much. I turned my original last name, which I am very attached to, into a middle name, and my husband took it too. Then I took his last name, because I love him and I wanted to honor him and his family name.

We deliberated about what to do with our last names for a long time. I didn't want to completely lose my last name, and I didn't want him to completely lose his, and I refused to hyphenate, but we couldn't find a way to combine them that worked for us, so this was the solution we came up with. The last hurdle was me deciding that I would be okay with being called by his last name once I graduate from vet school - I'd gotten used to thinking of myself as Dr. W and had to ask myself if I was okay with being Dr. G instead. I was.


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