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Saturday was quite a day, so this post is long, but Club Fet, which was its own two-day experience squished into 6 hours, will be its own, possibly even longer, post.

But it starts with Friday. Friday afternoon, Reisling, who is Sue's life practically, threw up for the 3rd, or possibly 4th, time. (When you have two cats in the house, it can be difficult to tell whose hork is whose.) Sue was worried so I quizzed her on Reisling's state and determined that, given the hour, the day, and the lack of appointments with the regular services, we should attempt to give Reisling a dose of some kind of antacid and see how she does. The antacid attempt came when I got home at just before 6; we got 1/5th of the dose into her mouth before she clawed her way out of Sue's arms and disappeared under furniture, shaking her head violently from side to side as she went. I said, "Well that's not going to work," and proceeded to get ready for the vet school Halloween party.

But at 7, I found Reisling's entire dinner on Sue's bedspread. I told Sue about it and said that if she wanted to take Reisling into the vet hospital, to let me know. She nodded, tearing up, and I called the hospital to let them know we were coming.

We relinquished Rei to having blood drawn and radiographs taken to rule out systemic metabolic disease or, our biggest real worry, intestinal obstruction. At about 9 we left the hospital, and went home so I could change back for the party.

I went to the party, but I only stayed about 45 minutes, because I just wasn't feeling it. My costume - a scrabbled together work involving a pre-existing lion tail, a black afro wig, and some construction-paper ears - was nothing to be proud of, and the energy just didn't grab me. Partly, it's a little sad to go to a party like that on your own, with no intention of meeting anyone specific there for hanging out. So I came back home and waited on cat news.

At 1 am the vet called to tell us how things were going. The radiographs looked probably benign but there was still some worry, and Reisling hadn't vomited again. The plan was to keep her overnight and have the radiologist check the x-rays in the morning for confirmation. We were ok to go to sleep, and told that if there was no call in the middle of the night, everything was still fine.

Sue asked to sleep alone, and went to bed. I stayed up a bit longer, but at 2 am I finally decided I needed some sleep. I lay down next to Chris and hugged my bear that smells like Sue, and slept.

I woke up at 7, and got up even though I was tired. I didn't want to sleep any longer, so I grabbed a sudoku book and curled up on the loveseat in the office. I did Sudoku and played ball with Shenzi until Sue got up. While we were figuring out what to start the day with, the student on Reisling's case called to let us know they hadn't forgotten about us, that the radiologist normally comes in at 9 on Saturdays, and to expect a call around 10ish. Sue and I went to breakfast at Waffle House.

Halfway through breakfast the vet called, told us the radiologist agreed with their original assessment, and that we should do some kind of test to rule out a foreign body obstruction, just in case. We settled on feeding Reisling and seeing if she kept her food down. Sue and I set out to go tour a local historical site, found none open, decided to see a movie instead, and headed towards the mall.

We stopped at Tandy to browse leather, not looking to purchase anything in particular but just to browse. As we were walking past the kits, we saw a kit for a holster harness (the kind that undercover cops wear under their coats) and I said "Hey...that looks almost exactly like the harness we're trying to build for me." We agreed that with little modification it could be made into exactly what I wanted, and purchased it, along with a dense little book on leather knots and braids.

We went on to the mall, and after deciding not to eat any lunch since we weren't hungry yet, went to Nord's Games to pass the time until the movie started. I got to geek out about gaming stuff with the sales guy while Sue looked at all the neat esoteric board games, when suddenly, my phone rang. It was the vet again - Reisling wasn't eating, so could we please come pick her up and try to get her to eat something at home? They would give her an injectable anti-nausea medication to make her feel better. We abandoned the movie idea and headed back to UT to pick up the cat.

After a delay, they asked us to help give Reisling her shot and take her catheter out, showed us the x-rays, and sent us home. By then, we had just about enough time for Sue to open her gift from me (two books on the Civil War, an Adele album, and a stuffed turtle), before we had to head back west for our massages.

The massages went reasonably well. I'd never had a professional massage before, and while I had a lot of trouble figuring out where to put my arms, the therapist did get all the knots out of my back and shoulders. As we sat in the Chinese restaurant afterwards, having an early dinner, I texted Chris: "I wonder if this is what it feels like to have relaxed shoulders." I honestly don't think my shoulders had ever fully relaxed before. Lunch was very yummy, and I also texted Chris that we had, at long last, found the good Chinese food in the area...and that it was too bad it was in Farragut, 30+ minutes away. If we ever get another Groupon for that massage place, we'll have a good excuse to go back.

When we got back it was time to get dressed for Club Fet. There's a picture below of us in our costumes...see if you can guess who we're supposed to be.

Need a hint? Cowboy. By the way, those are not my boobs causing my dress to meet my chin; those are balloons.

Well, the people at Club Fet seemed to like it, although I'm convinced a large number of people thought I was just a man in drag. Which I'm totally okay with. But that's another post.


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