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The drain is clear!

It turns out that the drain in the basement does actually head out toward the back yard, and had gotten clogged up with dirt and grass and such. After three failed attempts in a row to find a third estimate for the sump pump install, Chris rented a snake. When he found it couldn't enter the drain pipe, because of size issues, he got frustrated and went outside to see what he could see. There was a damp patch, and he started digging, and almost immediately a bunch of water gushed out. He went back inside, and the drain was empty of water.

We dug a careful hole around the drainpipe's exit, and sometime this week we intend to cover it with big pieces of gravel, in an attempt to help keep it clear. So yay. All we need now is a cover for the inside part of the drain and we should be good to go on the other fixes we want to do to the basement. The next major project is replacing the outside doors that are insufficient. The side door is fine, but the front door is marginal and the basement door is nigh unsafe. So that's next.

Date: 2011-10-10 01:37 pm (UTC)
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I'm glad to hear that you're at least able to resolve some of the problems you're having with your house with a little exploration and labour. Sometimes (as you probably well know) figure out what is going on can be a pretty tricky beast!


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